When Levi and I are playing at the same time the screen is split with me playing in the top half and Levi playing in the bottom half. The game is in 3D first person POV so you don’t see your character, you see what your character sees…you see through your character’s eyes, basically. For example, in this screenshot below, the top is what I see looking toward Levi’s house from my house’s upper deck (I see Levi’s house and him on the roof), while the lower half of the screen is what Levi sees looking back at me from the rooftop of his house (he sees me standing on my upper deck looking back at him). Also…it’s night and it’s raining. Notice the torches illuminating the exterior of the houses. We had to make those by converting wood into charcoal in a furnace that we had to build out of stone. The glass for the windows we had to make with sand in the furnace.

The Mountain

In the screenshot below I’m standing up on a snowy mounting looking back down on the two houses pictured in the screenshot above, while Levi is off exploring and building a tunnel somewhere.

The Cabin in the Mountains

This is a little cabin we built up on top of a mountain. Looking down from that cabin you can see our other two houses as described in the previous screenshot. Levi’s still digging a tunnel, apparently.


I’m watching the sunrise as seen from the mountain cabin we built. The game has a day/night cycle. Monsters come out at night. Looks like Levi is still somewhere…digging.


Now it’s snowing at the cabin the mountains. You can see our “main” houses in the distance. Levi is still digging. He ended up tunneling out an entire underground shelter fully equipped with a work bench, furnace, and bed.

Full Screen

Here I played alone for a bit just to get some full sized screenshots to really illustrate the scope of the game. The first one is from a little valley with a pond. Up in the distance you can see our little mountain cabin.

Rooftop View

This is looking up from my roof at the mountain cabin in the distance. Look close at the peak to the right and you’ll see a Llama standing there. They can be tamed with food and used as pack animals.

My House

That’s first and primary house Levi and I built.

Levi’s House

There’s Levi’s house. He built it all on his own. Notice the flowers he put beside the door.


This is the entrance to a little underground shelter I made over the hill beyond our “main” houses. You can’t venture too far without some kind of quick-access homestead, because monsters come out at night!


On the left is a chest to store things in. If you get killed by a monster you lose whatever you’re carrying (sword, axe, pickax, meat, etc.) so good to store extra stuff somewhere just in case. To the right of that is a crafting table where various things like tools and weapons can be made, and next to that a furnace where things can be smelted or cooked.

Cabin at Night

This is the mountain cabin we built.

Cozy Cabin

This is inside the mountain cabin. Two beds, a crafting table, and a furnace. If you have a bed you can sleep through the night instead of just waiting for it to pass while hiding from monsters, but if Levi and I are both playing, we both have to sleep at the same time.