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Hello, and welcome to my blog,  just another insignificant drop in the digital sea for your amusement.


When I decided to do a blog, roughly ten minutes ago, I quickly came to the conclusion that if I want my blog to stand out, to “pop” as the kids say, then I’m going to have to implement some pretty clever thinking. There are so many blogs out there now days that in order to get noticed, if that is your goal, then you really need to “think outside the box” and push the envelope of what has here-to-for been acceptable blog content and presentation. In order to nudge my blog out of the mainstream of blogness and attract a new audience I have opted to incorporate a few above par elements not found in most blogs:

  1. Correct spelling.
  2. An, at least, 8th grade grasp of English grammar.
  3. No grab bag cliches such as “think outside the box” or “push the envelope” or “above par”.
  4. No bad poetry.
  5. No good poetry.
  6. No poetry of any kind.
  7. No condescending political diatribes on how I think my way of running the world makes more sense than yours, because unlike you, I’m not an idiot.
  8. Absolutely no “leet speek”. People I cannot stress this enough. If you ever come across anything of a “leet” nature on this site, unless it is being used to utterly deride cretins who actually use leet speek because they think it’s coo1, or kyul, or c00l, or 73r~&, or however the fuck they would say “cool” please inject my blog with a virus for the benefit of mankind.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’m sure I’ll come up with other exciting ways to impress you in the future. But until then, here’s a celebratory poem:


Hey Clif my friend
May I append
Your URL to my bookmarks?
Your blog’s SO koo1
I don’t know what to do
Other than send you lots of
Unsolicited money!


Thanks and check back soon! (but not before next week, because I’m out of ideas.)

Contact Us

Feeling old fashioned? Drop a letter in the mail to this address:


Clif Haley
111 N Wall St #1758
Belton, Texas 76513