This is Why “Fair Warning” is Van Halen’s Best Album

My Arm Felt Like an ATM Fell on it After My Second Dose of the Moderna COVID Vaccine

I think I got off fairly easy from my 2nd …

Switching from PC to Mac? Here are Three Subtle Differences Between Windows and MacOS to Look Out For

I’ve you’ve finally come to your senses and decided to …

Chicken Wings on Plate

I Made Chicken Wings in the Ninja Foodi

Advances in modern science and technology have brought us many …

Ramen Noodles in Bowl

How to Make Slightly Less Lethal Ramen

Like you, my favorite food in the entire world is …

Nelly Furtado CDs

That Time I Almost Met Nelly Furtado

If you’ve spent any time around me then you’re well …


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