Bathroom Workout

The Bathroom Workout

The bathroom workout is something I both started doing and started forgetting to do years ago. I mentioned it in a recent piece on how to stay fit during the COVID pandemic. The idea was to incorporate a bit of exercise into an activity that I already do multiple times a day: use the bathroom. Essentially, the routine goes like this:

  1. Perform standard bodily evacuations.
  2. Do 15 pushups.
  3. Wash hands.

It’s very important to not a) get these steps out of order, or b) try to rush through the routine by performing multiple steps at the same time. Doing so may yield less than desirable results and could potentially result in a terrible mess.

My wife has recently decided to join me in doing the bathroom workouts (also NOT at the same time) by doing 10 squats every time she goes to the bathroom. Not only does this give her a chance to enhance her daily workout routine, but it gives me the chance to ask her, “So did you squat in there?” every time she exits the bathroom, which never fails to make me giggle.

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