Let’s Surprise the Wife With a Camera in Her Face!

Photos & Video
I got bored so I shoved a camera in the wife’s face!   ...
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The New in the Old

Soup with Ladle
I like when I discover something new about something old, such as a feature my smartphone has that I never knew existed until I accidentally tapped its screen ...
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Ricky Tango Jr. – Under the Couch

Abandoned House Living Room
Music & Audio
Life for Ricky Tango Jr. as a child – life under the couch of his morbidly obese parents – was mostly calm and easy, if not limiting and ...
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Triangle Magazine

Music & Audio Photos & Video
This is a spoof magazine cover I made for triangle players a few months ago. I based it on the covers of typical guitar magazines. ...
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My Fake Vitamin Water ZERO Commercial

Vitamin Water Zero Commercial
Food Misc
Rummaging through my mostly neglected YouTube channel just now I found a fake commercial I did for Vitamin Water ZERO a few years ago. I recall having grabbed ...
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