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Stop GOG Galaxy (Good Old Games) from Launching at Startup in MacOS (UPDATED 7/30/2020)

UPDATED: 7/30/2020 for newer version of GOG Galaxy!

Super in-depth tutorial time! If you’re like me then you have pretty much no time to play computer games, but when you do you like to play old, vintage computer games from your youth or the youth of your ancestors. Remember your Great-Great-Great-Great^2 Grandfather Biff who liked to play computer games back in the dusty antiquity of the late-80s and early-90s? Yeah, I’m talking about those games. One of the best places to find and play old games is at Good Old Games ( As the name suggests, they have good old games there. They also have new games, but like most new things, they all suck compared to older things.

If you’ve downloaded and installed their desktop GOG Galaxy game player thingy you’ve probably noticed that no matter what you do or how many times you hit your computer with a hammer the launcher will ALWAYS load when you boot your computer. Well, it took some digging, but I’ve found out how to stop this from happening on MacOS! The same probably applies to Windows, but I can’t say for sure because I’m better than PC users. Haha!! Just kidding. A little iSnob humor for you! At any rate here we go:

Step 1: Click PREFERENCES in the GOG GALAXY menu bar dropdown.

Step 2: Click GENERAL and then UNCHECK the “Launch GOG Galaxy at system startup” option.

Close it all out and you should be good to go!

NOTE: Some people in the comments said that the original tutorial didn’t work, but for yours truly it worked perfectly well in multiple tests. However, these folks may be right as sometimes there are numerous ways to achieve the same thing, or they may just think they’re right from huffing too much off-brand paint. Either way, the previous explanation DID work and so does the recently updated one above.

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