Skittles Miniature Horse

Snowmaggedon 2017 Has Begun!

I woke up to a terrifying sight this morning. Two and half inches of snow! And more coming down as I type this! I’m not sure what we’re going to do to survive. I had to walk outside to check on our minature horses and the snow was all the way up to about the halfway point of my foot! I couldn’t believe it. I almost turned back, but the horses needed me.

Actually, they didn’t. I suppose their pint-sized brains aren’t capable of processing the full force of this blizzard as they simply stood there as if they weren’t being very slowly buried under a torrent of snow gently floating down upon them. Look at poor Skittles here:

I almost thought she’d frozen to death until I remembered she pretty much just stands still staring off into space all the time anyway.