White Chicken

We Rescued a Very Friendly Chicken

The wife and kid drove into town a couple of weeks ago to take care of some town-related stuff and they found a chicken wandering around the intersection near the bank. There are a lot of chicken farms around here. In fact, the Tyson chicken plant pretty much keeps this town and many surrounding counties alive. And this, we’re pretty sure, is a Tyson chicken. We presume it fell out of one of the chicken trucks we often see carrying chickens from farms to the sloppy in-between stuff that ultimately gets parts of them into your freezer. So the wife and kid picked up the chicken and brought her home.

I must say, this is the friendliest chicken we’ve ever had. I don’t know if this chicken is just naturally disposed to being social, or if its sunflower-seed-sized brain actually produces something like gratitude toward us, but she is extremely nice. When we go outside she comes running toward us and follows us everywhere and she doesn’t mind bing picked up or pet.

Our kid named her Chicky, because he’s a creative genius, and she actually responds to her name now.

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