Protesting: America’s New Favorite Pastime

It seems like everyone these days has something to protest. Whether it’s unfair this or that, something offensive, something not offensive enough, wage gaps, thigh gaps, electoral college maps, etc., etc. I’m starting to feel a little left out. It’s tough for a calm, laid back guy in this day and age where the new social requirement is some measurable level of constant outrage. So, I figured I’d better find something to be outraged about…and I did! I’m formally jumping in the protest game by protesting against car dealers that don’t list their prices on their websites!

I’m currently searching for a new vehicle. Like most people who value their sanity I don’t like talking to sales people, so thank God for this new internet thing that allows me to shop for vehicles without interacting with anyone! Right? Well, not so fast. It seems that many, virtually all, car dealer websites have no problem listing every minute detail about a vehicle from its drivetrain to its number of cupholders but for some reason their website technology doesn’t allow them to enter the price of the vehicle! You have to contact them for a price!


Why? Why must I contact you for a price Mr. Dealership? Don’t you know that the reason I’m shopping online is because I don’t want to interface with a human being? Especially a – shudder – car salesperson?! As of today I am formally declaring my outrage at car dealerships who don’t list prices online and launching a concerted protest campaign wherein I will actively not be calling anyone for a price!

I’d like to apologize if I’ve offended any car salespersons out there. If you are outraged, please feel free to protest.