Thursday Not Friday

It’s Not Friday it’s Thursday

Thursday Not FridaySomeday somebody should really make it illegal for a Thursday to feel like a Friday. Seriously. I know it’s impossible to hold days accountable for how they feel and behave, but somebody really should try. I woke up this morning bright and chipper, ready to start this new Friday off with an ambition and fervor the likes of which I’ve not begun a new day in years. Then it suddenly hit me that today is only Thursday. Now I feel like shit and I’m totally unmotivated. The only day worse than a Thursday is a Sunday, but at least Sunday has the damn common decency to own up to how wretched it is – being the last depressing day of the weekend – and not pretend to be a Friday. Hell, Sunday could possibly pull off feeling like a Tuesday, the day before Wednesday, the glorious apex of the week where you can see the promised land on the other side, but no, Sunday – though loathsome – is at least honorable enough to confront you squarely and honestly.

Now that I think about it…Wednesday also kinda felt like Friday. I don’t know what these days are up to but I consider it rude and borderline abusive.


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