Contact Lenses

My Life is a Blur Because I Don’t Wear Contacts

My life for the past few months has been a blur. This is  because I haven’t worn contact lenses in months. My eyesight isn’t so bad that I can’t function without corrective lenses so I rarely use them. I  am what doctors call “nearsighted” which means that I can see things that are near to my eyes, such as my steering wheel and windshield wipers, just fine but not things that are far away, like pedestrians and parked cars. Until they get closer, of course. Very, very close.

I do have contact lenses, I just don’t wear them. I find them to be a pain in the ass. Well, the ass of my eyes. They are difficult to insert and, no matter how well I wash them, they always cause irritation. One of my contacts is specially made for astigmatism, which is a condition in which one eye can be charged slightly more than the other for contact lenses.

I don’t have eyeglasses. I have had glasses before, but I always lose or crush them, so they are not a good investment for me.

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