Standing Desk by Stand Stead

I’m a Real Stand Up Employee with My New Standing Desk

Standing Desk

My standing desk from Stand Steady!

I recently purchased a standing desk for my home office so I can stand up while working. No, I’m not a self-loathing masochist, I just got tired of sitting on my ass all day. You see, I sit while at work, then when I need a break I go out to the living room to watch TV while sitting. Sometimes I want some fresh air, so I’ll take a stroll out to our pond where I have a nice comfy chair to sit in and read. Then when the work day is all done I get to reward myself with a few hours of sitting on my ass until I go to bed where I do a form of extreme sitting called lying down!

Well, all that sitting was starting to weigh on me, mostly around my gut region. The weight of sitting was piling up rather nicely there. So I started researching standing desks and found there are many benefits.

First, apparently just standing around all day burns up to 50 calories an hour! However, considering I’ve seen many, many highway construction workers standing around doing nothing all day who are extremely fat, I was skeptical, but the science backs up the claim never-the-less. And, hey, I’m not one to argue with science. I’m far too dumb for that.

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Second, it’s good for circulation and energy. I’m not sure how, other than…science!

Third, and this isn’t something you’ll see in any standing desk brochure, when you stand all day it feels really, really, REALLY good to finally sit down! And there’s no guilt or feeling like a lazy tub of gristle in doing so. The sitting feels EARNED!

If you’ve never had any exposure to standing desks, I suggest you find one and expose yourself to it immediately. The only con so far is that my feet and lower back are killing me, but I figure that’s simply because they aren’t used to being put to work in such a vertical manner. I’m sure they’ll come around soon. They better. I certainly won’t stand for it if they don’t!