I Quit Facebook

At least for a while. After the Presidential election I discovered that a lot of my friends are either extreme left wing nuts or extreme right wing nuts and like to whine or gloat about stuff A LOT. Typically in the form of very divisive, poorly (i.e. not) researched posts, or terribly uncreative yet smug and condescending memes. Well, I’ve had enough of that shit.

However, I soon realized that thanks to Facebook my brain has been re-wired with a near uncontrollable urge to “share” stuff. I suppose it comes from my generally being a creative guy, and like most creative guys, I really want people to absorb, accept, and praise me for my creative things, be those formations of words, compositions of music, or whatever meal my creative ass is enjoying (or not) at the moment so I can feel good about myself for a little while. We creative people are insufferable in this way.

Long story short, I’m back on my blog! No guarantees for how long. And certainly no guarantees on quality of content. Hey, just because I’m creative doesn’t mean I’m good at it!

On a totally unrelated note, here’s a picture of me in a Kylo Ren mask…