I Published a Book of Poetry

I am co-authoring a book with a buddy of mine that we plan to publish on Amazon Kindle, Nook, etc., etc. This past weekend I was really itching to get something up on Kindle so that I could get some hands on knowledge of how the process works. Problem is, I didn’t have a book. Our book on making extra money won’t be compiled until the end of the month, much less ready for print. Or is it eprint?

Anyway, what I did for the short term was cobble together a little book of poetry which is basically just a bunch of song lyrics I’ve written and a few new and old poems that may, or may not, be somewhat good. I’ve called it Scratching Away at Something: 20 Attempts at Poetry and you can buy it on Amazon Kindle for a wallet busting $0.99 RIGHT HERE if you want to.

Here’s the cover featuring my 3.5-year-old son:

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