I Might Have Grown

Here’s a little poem about a poem that popped into my head last night and that I forgot. First time I’ve “written” a poem in years. I’ve penned plenty of songs, but nothing I’d really call a poem…and calling this a poem might be up for debate 😉

I Might Have Grown

I’ve already forgotten you,
Whatever you were,
Moments before I
Uncapped this pen. . .

I suppose I shall
Now compose
A eulogy
For the words
That might have been.
Ahem. . .

They were insightful
And gave me pause.
They were a poem, I think. . .
Something about myself.
Something that made me shrink.
A momentary spotlight
On a fleeting realization
That I’m not who I am
But only what doesn’t sink.
Or maybe what does?
Depends on my mood,
I guess,
And how buoyant and moored
I might be
For now.

At any rate
It’s too late.
The words are
Too bad,
Because I might have
Just a bit.