How We Got Rid of Mildew in Our Bathroom Shower

I’ll just get right to the point, because I’m sure you’re in a very desperate mildew situation that needs immediate attention before your house looks like a giant glob of black mucus. Here’s what you do:

  1. Get a mildew resistant shower curtain.
  2. Get some of this Clean Shower spray.

We’ve lived in many places and never had a mildew problem. Central Texas? Nope. Nicaragua? Nope. Arkansas? Nope. But then we moved to East Texas and encountered some of the most persistent and prolific mildew I’ve ever seen. No matter how thoroughly we cleaned our tub, within days it would be contaminated with unsightly mildew and our shower curtain liners looked like they’d been buried in the ground for a week.

We simply threw out and replaced so many shower curtains we became known for it at the local Walmart. “Here comes Mr. Shower Curtain Liner!” the Walmart employees would shout in unison every time I entered the store, even when I was there for something completely unrelated like one of those shower curtains that go on the outside and have sailboats on it. However, since implementing the two-step process above and outlined in more detail below…NO MORE MILDEW!

The first thing we did was get a mildew resistant shower curtain liner. We’ve had this thing for months now and it still looks brand new.

Next, we bought the Clean Shower spray mentioned above. This stuff is the sweet ambrosia our shower really needed. All you do is spray it over the shower and tub surfaces. That’s it. Really. After your shower, just spray down the walls and walk away. One word of caution. Nowhere on the Clean Shower bottle does it mention anything about mildew. It only vaguely addresses “soap scum, hard water and other stains” but don’t let that deter you. This stuff turns your shower into a Chernobyl for mildew.

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