How to Turn an Old Gas Grill into a Fire Pit

We had an old gas grill taking up room behind our shed, so I got creative with it. No, I didn’t choreograph an interpretive dance routine with it, I turned it into a fire pit! This is a DIY project that pretty much anyone can do provided they follow these short simple steps.

1) Buy a Gas Grill – This step is vital as it is difficult – almost impossible – to turn an old gas grill into a fire pit without an old gas grill. The trick, however, is that most grills you find in stores are brand new! Fear not, with a little work and a small investment of $150 – $750 depending on budget you’ll have nothing to worry about. Go to your nearest grill-selling store, buy a grill, then leave it out in the rain for a year or two. This is the “set it and forget it” part of the project.

2) Dismantle Gas Grill – After a year or a two make sure you’re up on your tetanus vaccinations then begin dismantling your old grill. If your grill has been closed for a long time take care when opening it as it may contain a wasp nest the size of a fully matured watermelon. If so, simply run 100 yards away and fire at it with high caliber hunting rifles until it is destroyed. Once that’s taken care of, dismantle your grill. This will either be a very easy, quick process or an utter f**king nightmare thanks to years of rust having merged the atomic structure of every screw and bolt with the actual chassis of the grill itself.

3) Put Top of Grill in Fire Pit Safe Area – Once your grill has been dismantled and you’ve returned from the hospital with several hundred stitches, place the top of the grill some place where it will be safe to build a fire. This chart provides a handy reference if needed:

Fire Pit LocationA Safe Option?
Infant’s NurseryNO

You’re done! Congratulations on taking a useless piece of expensive, neglected junk and turning it into an attractive, cozy outdoor heating accessory the entire family will forget about in a couple of months!