Motel 6

Hotels and Pizza: A Problem for the Ages

A couple of weeks ago we stayed a few nights in a Motel 6 in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday. Motel 6 has a come a long way. Remember back in the 80s and 90s when they were the butt of jokes about how bad a hotel can be? They were synonymous with slum hotel images like rat infestations, cockroach hoards, and unconscious hookers passed out on stained carpeting. But things have changed. Motel 6 has put in new carpeting!

They’ve also made many other changes as well. I was, admittedly, quite impressed with the condition of our room. The only problem we encountered was not a problem specific to Motel 6, but a problem that has been tainting the otherwise perfect reputations of both the hotel and pizza industries for years. Why the hell doesn’t a large pizza box fit in the little fridge?!

As I laid in bed watching my wife struggle to cram a large pizza box into the hotel fridge I couldn’t help but feel bad for her until I eventually fell asleep. However, before passing out in the surprisingly comfortable queen size Motel 6 bed I tweeted about the situation and tagged Motel 6…and they responded!


I’ve thought more on this situation, though, and I’ve come to a different conclusion. I don’t think it’s the responsibility of the hotel industry to change out all of their refrigerators for larger ones that accommodate a large pizza box, it’s up to the pizza industry to simply deliver smaller boxes! Surely a pizza joint knows when an order is going to be delivered to a hotel. I propose they should either a) split a large pizza up into two medium size boxes, or b) send along an empty medium size box for people to put their left over pizza into!

And this is why you should vote for me for President of the United States in 2020.