Hey, You Ought to Check Out the Working Daddy Blog!

Being a working father of an energetic, opinionated, smart, witty, and energetic (did I mention that already?) 9-year-old I’m often looking for ways to make my life easier that don’t involve sneaking off in the dead of night and changing my identity. Don’t get me wrong. Being the father of a creative, energetic and sassy 9-year-old (who is quite energetic) is mostly a blast. But it is time consuming. Us dads have other demands on our time besides playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES all day…and then having to play even more once the kid gets home from school! We also have responsibilities to the household, society, and hey…even ourselves. These nose hairs ain’t gonna pluck themselves, you know. There are an endless web of directions our minds are always being required to tend to, and it’s a cumbersome thing indeed. Luckily, there’s help. And his name is Tom.

Who is Tom? Tom is the owner of Working Daddy, a website dedicated to offering dads (and families in general) killer advice and tips on how to be a parent and family person without losing your mind. The Working Daddy blog offers a wide and ever-growing range of articles on topics that anyone will find useful. I shall itemize the categories below in a fancy bulleted list. Ahem:

  • Home & Garden – Information for people with homes and gardens who want to manage and improve them. My first tip would be to stop feeding all those stray cats, but Tom has many more ideas than that. Ideas that are actually good and that not only help you optimize the performance, functionality, and appearance of your home but do it in a way that makes sense and won’t cause your checking account implode.
  • Parenting – Obviously a website called Working Daddy can’t skimp on the parenting tips, and they sure as heck don’t. Here you’ll find tons of articles with tips for dads of kids of all ages such as tips for making your home safe for kids and how stay-at-home dads can make extra money, which is valuable info considering a single baby can use enough diapers in one month to completely wrap the planet Saturn twice over.
  • Technology – If there’s one thing dads love (besides their kids, I mean!) it’s technology. I love technology so much I’m using it to write this post right now! Here you’ll find info on tech gadgets that dads and kids both will enjoy…which is pretty much anything. I play with my son’s Playschool digital camera all the time! He really wants me to give it back.
  • Family – Do you have a son or daughter? If they’re your son or daughter then you are a family. If they aren’t, then please excuse me while I contact the authorities. If you ARE a family then you’re in luck. Working Daddy has info for you! Whether your family is moving, trying to draw up a budget, or looking for a family project this is the place for you!
  • Finances – If there’s one thing us dads always worry about it’s finances. I worry about finances so much I spend roughly $300 per month on antacid. This is certainly not good for my finances! It’s a vicious cycle. Thank goodness I’ve found the Finances section of the Working Daddy blog. With Tom’s advice maybe I can finally pay off the second mortgage I took out on my son’s treehouse.
  • Health – Everyone should be concerned with their health and their child’s health, particularly since children don’t seem to care about their health at all. It seems like kids are actively trying to damage their health at every turn! Heck, my kid once a hot dog our dog puked up. Here you’ll find plenty of tips on how you and your family can get healthy and stay healthy. Step one: stop eating hot dogs the dog pukes up. This really should be common sense…even for a 2-year-old!

So, dads out there, I urge you to pay the Working Daddy blog a visit! It will help you out in many ways and on many parenting fronts. While you do that I’m going to go play Super Mario Bros.