Violent dark woman armed with a knife

Hand-Crafted Murdering Knives

If my wife ever decides to murder me with a knife I’ll have plenty of time to get away, because first she’ll spend 3 days to a week researching online what the best murdering knives are and, more importantly, who has the best deal on murdering knives. Then when she realizes even the most affordable murdering knives are more than she’s willing to spend she’ll start looking into how to make your own murdering knives. This will take another week or so of watching YouTube videos and reading tutorials. Finally, she’ll make a murdering knife and show it to me for some feedback on it and I’ll say “That’s a damn fine murdering knife! I bet you could sell these things!” and then she’ll spend another week setting up an Etsy store to sell hand-crafted murdering knives. At this point I’ll make my escape.

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