Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me Acoustic Cover

Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me Acoustic Cover

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Last weekend I had a little gig at J Black’s Lounge in downtown Austin for a Twitchy Dolphin event. Twitchy Dolphin is an indie film company owned by my pal Jim. Once a year he throws a big bash for his cast and crew. This was it. One of Jim’s favorite bands is Def Leppard, so I decided to work up an acoustic version of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” as a surprise for him.

Now, Joe Elliot’s vocal range is several thousand meters higher than mine, so I transposed this thing down. I also gave it a bit more of a percussive feel, which I thought translated a little better to acoustic than trying to play it the same as I would on electric guitar. Anyway, here it is. Not the best performance and the video is a bit choppy, but hopefully it won’t make your years leap off your head and run away.

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