DALL-E 2 Images: First Day Playing With DALL-E 2

Just this morning I received an invitation to use the OpenAI DALLE-E 2 image creating AI. These are some of the prompts I gave it and the images it produced:

“a photo of a robot reading a newspaper”

“a drinking glass full of eyeballs”

“a renaissance painting of superman playing a piano”

“a blueprint drawing of r2-d2”

“a photo of a giant potato in the desert”

“a renaissance painting of r2-d2”

“a tintype photo of a hamster reading a book”

“a photo of an old 1950s refrigerator in a forest”

“a pixel art drawing of a sloth playing an acoustic guitar”

“a comic book drawing of a sloth playing an acoustic guitar”

“a bottle of hand sanitizer flying through space digital art”

“a comic book drawing of zorro playing a guitar”

“a robot dancing with a monkey pixel art”

“hand drawing of a dragon”

“a tintype photo of a cowboy hat on an old wooden table”

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