Daisy: A Love Song from Gatsby

Back in 2002 I read The Great Gatsby for the first time as an adult. Sure, I’d read it several times before and seen the movie, but in prior settings I’d been force-fed the tale by academic hands. In 2002 I sat down to read it as a grown up with some “real life” experience under my belt.

What I found out is that I loved it. I had suspected that I loved it, because even when I had to read the book or watch the movie for academic achievement I had enjoyed it..which is one reason why I chose to revisit it…to see if I could further enjoy the story if reading it without an academic attachment.

A surprising by-product of this is that I ended up penning the lyrics of a love song from Gatsby to Daisy. I handed the lyrics over to Jon English, primary songwriter for my old band Plow Monday, and he liked them so much that he immediately composed music for it. Although we only ever played the song live a couple of times, it did end up on our last CD. Just recently I had a video production colleague throw together this video for the song, which he did pro bono:

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