pen on white lined paper selective focus photography

Daily Journal: March 25, 2014

I met this great girl at the strip club the other night. She’s just like mom except for the stripping and the cocaine and bi-sexuality and the piercings and the mustache and the “big time debt” from the “operation” that she won’t tell me about. she gave me her phone number for ten bucks (what a flirt!), but I must have written it down wrong, because every time I call it I get Fong Wu’s Chinese Bistro. We really hit it off, though. She sat on my lap and asked me what my hobbies were and (get ready for this!) she ALSO likes building ships in bottles and covering them with rare, misprinted stamps from countries that no longer exist! I mean, what are the odds of that?! I bought her a ring today. Nothing fancy, just a two karat diamond set in a platinum band. Guess that whole “higher education” thing is going to have to wait a little bit! Ah, love. It’s a wonderful thing.