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Daily Journal: February 2, 2012

12I checked out this great band last night called WarehouseLarry. They sounded like a rocket powered freight train full of Black Sabbath crashing into a nuclear power plant at the speed of light. Awesome show. If I ever start another band I’m going to call it WarehouseHarry, and we’re going to play songs that sound exactly like WarehouseLarry’s but have different words that say pretty much the same thing. for instance: WarehouseLARRY has a song called “I Love You Baby” but WarehouseHARRY will have a song called “You Know, I Really Like You a Lot, I Mean, No, Really I Do, It’s Just That I’m in a Really Weird Place Right Now (Hey, Where You Going?)” I think that would be cool. Something else I think would be cool are shoes that look like feet. Or maybe just tiny, individual shoes for each toe. Damn, those are both pretty cool.

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