My Arm Felt Like an ATM Fell on it After My Second Dose of the Moderna COVID Vaccine

I think I got off fairly easy from my 2nd dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine. Other than a nagging headache I just had some pretty bad pain in my arm. Felt like an ATM fell on it the next day. Not a modern-day lightweight ATM, but one of those sturdy, old ATMs powered by vacuum tubes and diesel and utilizing cathode ray tube TV monitors the size of a deck of cards but weighing 75 pounds surrounded by a chassis of 100% solid government-grade American steel held together with rivets the size of 90 mm anti-aircraft gun shells. An ATM that the men who made it were proud of when it rolled off the line that foggy afternoon in 1953. They slept well at night, these men, swaddled in the pride of not only hard work, but skilled work. Honest work. And so, too, their wives carried this pride with them, never shying away from the touch of their husbands’ calloused, gnarled hands for they knew that true love and security comes not from the dawdling sloth too many men enjoy at the expense of their families, but from mastering a craft such as ATM Smithery which brings with it not only self-satisfaction and financial reward, but a good to the community at large. One of those heavy ATMs. Hurt like hell.

My wife got hit worse. She had the entire CDC bullet list of side effects: body aches, headache, nausea, chills, fever, night terrors, face sweats, obsessive apathy, itchy elbows, etc., etc.