80% Dreams by Van Halen Cover

I spent several hours this past weekend scouring over zillions of YouTube videos of interviews with David Lee Roth. Yeah, that’s pretty nuts, but David Lee Roth is a GREAT interview, is incredibly quick witted, and comes up with some of the best lines ever spoken by anyone in the entertainment industry. I am aggregating a list of my favorite David Lee Roth quotes, which I’ll post here when done.

During this spectacular journey I came across several videos of the Sammy Hagar era Van Halen as well, both interviews and performances. Say what you will about Van Halen vs. Van Hagar, I think they are both great, only for slightly different reasons. Anyway, inspired by a video of the Van Hagar song “Dreams” being performed – one of the best from that era – I thought I might try my hand an acoustic version. I did, though I only made it about 80% of the way through before crashing and burning. The volume’s kind of low on this so you may want to turn up your speakers.

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